The problem:
For most people doing regular exercise is challenging. The result: 61% of people simply don’t do anything even though 40% of this group want to. People struggle with finding time to exercise, they can’t keep motivated and working fitness programs around their busy lives can be difficult.

The challenge:
Create an MVP for FiiT - a fitness platform designed to bring the boutique studio experience and the magic of live group exercise into the home by leveraging the exploding community of fitness social influencers.


My role

I was part of a small team to deliver the MVP for which I was responsible for the user research, strategy, design and setting up the user testing.


Project length
3 months

1 User Experience Designer
1 Creative Director
1 Digital Designer
1 Creative Technologist
1 Technical Lead
1 Project Lead


The objectives of this project are:

Deliver live and highly engaging classes directly to your home. It will be your personal gym, built exactly how you want it, there whenever you need it.

We will enable you to train live with the most highly-rated trainers. World-class experts with global followings and specialisms you just can’t get at your local gym.

Group & interactive
Be able to join people all over the world in live sessions with your favourite trainers. See your ranking and get the chance to improve it. Get that extra push by having personal shout out just when you need it.

FiiT will be able to track every session so you know exactly how hard you’ve worked, how much you’re improving and what you need to do to reach your goals.

FiiT will get to know you. Through tracking and listening we will create a customised experience for everyone – from recommending classes based on your performance, goals and schedule to live in-class shout outs from your favourite trainers.

FiiT will have a selection of vast range of workouts, inspiring instructors and proven training plans enables you to stay motivated and keep your fitness fun.

FiiT could be a credible substitute to a gym membership or can complement an existing membership.

The primary target audience:
- Female
- Age: 20-45
- Busy lifestyle, time-poor
- Beginning to nest. May have a young family
- Beginner / Intermediate levels of exercise
- Not geographically tied by location - City or rural living/working

Competitor analysis
A heuristic analysis was carried out on products that have similar offerings as FiiT. We took learnings from this which helped us find out what worked, how we could make FiiT more innovative and stand out in the market today.

Stakeholder interviews
To gain more insight to the background of FiiT, an interview was carried out to uncover the needs, wants and attitudes towards the product from the Stakeholders perspective.

The founders saw there was gap in the market for a product that could leverage data and use smart technology to create an innovative fitness experience.

From the interview, we gained insight into their current pain points, the future visions, immediate objectives, brand and what they define the success of FiiT to be.

User surveys
User surveys were sent out to friends, family and followers of the fitness influencers. This helped us to filter down the users interested in fitness for us to interview.

We wanted to focus on those who wanted to exercise but are time poor.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 16.25.35.png

User interviews
From the user interviews we conducted, we found out what motivates a user to workout, how they keep fit, if they use a device/app to track their workouts and gain insight of what they thought about the proposed FiiT product. Quite a few of the users that we interviewed were motivated and inspired by what they see on Instagram.

“Social media is motivating as everyone is into these days. Trainers post workouts, what they eat, what they buy...”

Trainer interviews
The secondary users for FiiT are the fitness influencers.

The purpose of conducting trainer interviews was to:

  1. Understand how the service can help the trainers provide a great service for their clients

  2. Explore attitudes, behaviours, pain points and motivations regarding training their clients

  3. Discover and validate problems the FiiT service could solve

From the trainer interviews, we found out… how they motivate their clients, what drives them, what frustrates them, they type of workout they do and what works, what their clients say.

“It would be good to have a platform where our client can have a full fitness experience - HIIT, yoga, stretching, cardio etc.”

Class experience journey
From carrying out the user and trainer interviews, we were able to put together an experience map to show the journey through a proposed workout class. The class was broken down and what was entailed in each of the sections were mapped out.

User journey

The user journey was mapped out to highlight the different touchpoints throughout the proposed experience, as well as to detail the different sections along the way. The client was taken through the detailed user journey in a workshop we had set up, to collaborate with them during this process.


To demonstrate the flow of the supporting app to the stakeholder, wireframes and a prototype was created.

User testing

To test the idea and the technology of the concept, live user testing of the MVP was carried out over several weeks. A plan was mapped put to define what hypothesis we were testing, the logistics and what we were testing in what week.

From the initial testing sessions, some streaming issues were raised, which were addressed before any subsequent test sessions. We also noticed that users were not joining the class on time and missing the class altogether due to connectivity issues with their HR monitor. Detailed instructions was therefore supplied to them, and instructed to test the connection prior to the class starting.